The Adventure Begins

I am so Crazy-excited about our upcoming project(s) and trip!

We are “father/daughter team” on a North American “walk about”.
Our goal is to have fun and explore the North American continent looking for the most interesting people and projects focused on sustainability and community building.

Wrenna has just graduated high school, and is anxious to see what’s “out there”.  Ed is teetering on a mid-life crisis and is afraid of what’s “in there”.

So we created IsBreathing.com

IsBreathing.com is the central communication hub for this amazing project that has a bunch of very unique aspects, that I think are gonna make it a really enjoyable experience for people who visit the site, and follow along with our adventures.

We are still “Pre-Launch”, but our dates are closin in fast!

There will be LOTS more to read and watch and listen to as the next few weeks unfold.

For now, find me on facebook if you wanna.

Check Wrenna’s Blog.

and feel free to DONATE or buy a tee shirt. It all helps!