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SO, here is a New Game: “Name the 2 word phrase”
1) An exclamation, usually one of amazement

2) Feces that are considered to be either worthy of reverence, associated with divine powers, or spiritually clean.


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What an exciting time!

Yesterday morning I spent about 10 minuets on the phone with Wrenna.
She was driving, and I was navigating for her using Google Maps. Telling her the street names she would be seeing in a moment.
E: “Alright Beanie, you should be starting to curve left is just a second”
W: “Yup, not very much tho”
E: “its ok.. now a big weird intersection, be careful , dont get..”
W: “AAAH, Dad it’s !!”
E: “dont get in the right lane. Go straight”
W: “Oh..woo. Good, thanks”

She’s spending 4 days in a Ropes course training. Which should lead to some upcoming employment if things go well. A few months back she completed a Wilderness First responder course so she’s building the knowledge and experience to allow her to work in the Outdoor education field that she’s so excited about.
I am soo proud of her I could simply Burst!

Back down here in Ashland things are movin along beautifully. Lots of fun projects swirlin around. We have formed a new collaborative venture called:
The Everything Company – Media Solutions
We’re designing the website now, and we’ve already got some clients even though the official ‘launch’ hasn’t even happened yet.

Our garden is startin to produce some strawberries, peas and lettuce although our Mole seems to be eating far more than his fair share. Jessica got some more seeds started in the greenhouse a few days ago.
Today is Rivers last day as a Junior in high school, and is lookin forward to an exciting summer.

Im looking forward to a summer full of lots of Star Gazing, some astrophotography and lots of new creative projects. Lots of laughter and some travel. Life is sweet!

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The Next Phase

So our trip is goin great!
At the moment I’m sitting in a beautiful little house in Evergreen Colorado… Beautiful!
Unfortunately, I’ve managed to screw up my back, so the last couple days hasn’t been very active.
Very nice to just relax and breath.. but a drag to be in pain at the same time. Oh well.. it is what is.

The first part of this trip was really just Getting off of the west coast. We visited family and friends mostly,
(with a cool interview in LA with Enci & Steven) and then to the Rainbow Gathering, which was really about me and Wren just hangin out, and experiencing an alternative reality.
NOW.. we are shifting to more directly “On Project” stuff. We’ve got a bunch of interviews and such lined up for the next few days, meeting people and visiting some farms and sustainable projects. So in some ways, its like the project is just starting,
even tho we’ve been traveling for nearly 3 weeks.

We haven’t been capturing that much media either. A little, here and there, but we were waitng for our second video camera, because the flip out screen on our MAIN camera BROKE..like 3 days before I left Ashland. and the repair people said 6 to 8 weeks,
Wrennas SLR-still camera proved to be too damn big to lug around, so we left that in Santa Cruz, and weren’t able to get a little “Point & Shoot” until a couple days ago. We received the new video camera.. and its cool.. but the menu’s are in Japanese so the learning curve is a bit steeper than I wished.

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We are on the Move

in previous posts, I complained bout how FAST things were moving.
Well. I still seem to have the same Whine caught in my throat.
Our trip in underway.. we’ve made multiple stops in California and now we are in Arizona.
I really want to write some detailed reports of these stops, and the fantastic people we’ve been able to visit with. I WILL do that.. and.. for now… HERE.. I have posted a new entry.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments.. I’ll address them.

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Here is the Poster for the event!
Get a quick glimps into the project(s) and see just a little bit of the newest video!
(and maybe even BE IN some video! )
The event will be streamed LIVE at http://www.isBreathing.com
Bring your friends! it’ll be Fun!
Ashland isBreathing- Poster

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                                                                                                                                                                       GO TO OUR SITE     http://www.isBreathing.com/

My world is pretty crazy right now, wrappin up a BUNCH of projects, and getting my rather complex world containerized to be able to leave it all behind for a couple months of walkin around. A big part of the crazyness during this last phase has been the Video contest. It took much more energy than I’d expected to campaign for Votes to get us into the Top 5, which we did! almost unbelievable! We entered the contest at number 358, and we slowly moved up until we pushed into the top 5 on the last day. Less than 24 hours before the end of the contest, and managed to hold that position until the competition closed. What a ride! Everyday I was begging my facebook friends to vote. Then my sister Kim sent some emails to her lists, then Cedric in Switzerland started campaigning for us amongst his European contacts, one of Wrennas uncles, Danny in So California started pushin, Locally  Larry sent out emails and posted our info on webspirit. Jessica plugged in and started pushin hard. Mary in Boulder. Todd in Arizona, Shauna in New Zealand, Lisa in Minnesota, Alecia in West Virginia, Christian in the UK, Carolyn in Nashville, .. Joy, Adama, and scads of other people were voting everyday . Wrenna was pushin her high school friends. Old friends from MY high school days were posting our links on Facebook & myspace, I sent out info to LOTS of people thru ‘Mystery School’ listserv, and pulled all the email addresses Ive EVER sent an email to and spammed them too.

 Apparently, it worked. because we ended in the Top 5.. and THAT was the goal.  Next friday, they will officially announce the winners.

 Im real confident that we’ll get the Sexy little Sanyo Xacti video camera, and we’ve got a good chance to win the grand prize of $10,000.  Which would really be nice. Otherwise Wren and I are headin out with about 60 bucks and hopin for the best!


PS.  On Sunday June 7th at 5pm PST go to www.isBreathing.com  for our Inaugural Live streaming Webisode event.

It’ll be a mix of Pre-edited video, and LIVE feeds.. with a live chat to interact with other viewers..(maybe even surprise guests) Should be fun!

then – every sunday at 5  – after that.. all summer long!

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Wrenna told me a couple days ago “Dad, do your realize its only 54 days till we leave!?”

Um.. really?  Crapazoka! it was MONTHS till departure just a second ago. Its been really fun gettin ready. Well.. sorta gettin ready. We have a new website gettin built. Doing a barter with an amazing guy for it. I’m creatin a couple videos for him, he’s gettin us a site we’ll be proud of. (I kinda like the placeholder site we have now, but Wren hates it and wont even send her friends to it. Brat!) 

We just entered an online competition where we hope to win a sweet little video camera, with a 15 second video.   Take a look     http://www.if.net/profile/511331

and PLEASE VOTE FOR US. we could win $10,000 !!  That would help a bunch!

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