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First and foremost, I consider myself a pretty good dad. I don't always do the best thing, but my kids seem to still like me, and I call that success. Professionally, I'm a videographer. I am excited as all get-out about this awesome opportunity to hang with my daughter and shoot video. We are about to embark on a "North American" walkabout where we intend to meet some of the coolest most interesting people and be able to sit down and talk about what's really going on and what are we going to do about it. Then we'll share those conversations with whoever is interested thru our webisodes which will be unique special events themselves. Our newest videos will premier as an online "event' where people can come to our webpage, and watch streaming video, WHILE being in a chat room with US and other people watching the same video! I think thats really FUN. and its more interactive.. more community.. more Tribal than JUST a youtube clip..Ya know? We are also askin people to give us suggestions about where we should go, and introductions to people we should meet. We may even take requests, Like... "My brother is in De Moines, he's cool, Can you go talk to him?" .. well.. YES we Can! And even better.. if you know of a PROJECT thats happening, that could use our help.. We'll help! And we can produce special video for them, that the can then use to promote their project..get attention..get grants.. etc. SOOOO.. its a great big Win-Win !!

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