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What an exciting time!

Yesterday morning I spent about 10 minuets on the phone with Wrenna.
She was driving, and I was navigating for her using Google Maps. Telling her the street names she would be seeing in a moment.
E: “Alright Beanie, you should be starting to curve left is just a second”
W: “Yup, not very much tho”
E: “its ok.. now a big weird intersection, be careful , dont get..”
W: “AAAH, Dad it’s !!”
E: “dont get in the right lane. Go straight”
W: “Oh..woo. Good, thanks”

She’s spending 4 days in a Ropes course training. Which should lead to some upcoming employment if things go well. A few months back she completed a Wilderness First responder course so she’s building the knowledge and experience to allow her to work in the Outdoor education field that she’s so excited about.
I am soo proud of her I could simply Burst!

Back down here in Ashland things are movin along beautifully. Lots of fun projects swirlin around. We have formed a new collaborative venture called:
The Everything Company – Media Solutions
We’re designing the website now, and we’ve already got some clients even though the official ‘launch’ hasn’t even happened yet.

Our garden is startin to produce some strawberries, peas and lettuce although our Mole seems to be eating far more than his fair share. Jessica got some more seeds started in the greenhouse a few days ago.
Today is Rivers last day as a Junior in high school, and is lookin forward to an exciting summer.

Im looking forward to a summer full of lots of Star Gazing, some astrophotography and lots of new creative projects. Lots of laughter and some travel. Life is sweet!


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