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The Next Phase

So our trip is goin great!
At the moment I’m sitting in a beautiful little house in Evergreen Colorado… Beautiful!
Unfortunately, I’ve managed to screw up my back, so the last couple days hasn’t been very active.
Very nice to just relax and breath.. but a drag to be in pain at the same time. Oh well.. it is what is.

The first part of this trip was really just Getting off of the west coast. We visited family and friends mostly,
(with a cool interview in LA with Enci & Steven) and then to the Rainbow Gathering, which was really about me and Wren just hangin out, and experiencing an alternative reality.
NOW.. we are shifting to more directly “On Project” stuff. We’ve got a bunch of interviews and such lined up for the next few days, meeting people and visiting some farms and sustainable projects. So in some ways, its like the project is just starting,
even tho we’ve been traveling for nearly 3 weeks.

We haven’t been capturing that much media either. A little, here and there, but we were waitng for our second video camera, because the flip out screen on our MAIN camera BROKE..like 3 days before I left Ashland. and the repair people said 6 to 8 weeks,
Wrennas SLR-still camera proved to be too damn big to lug around, so we left that in Santa Cruz, and weren’t able to get a little “Point & Shoot” until a couple days ago. We received the new video camera.. and its cool.. but the menu’s are in Japanese so the learning curve is a bit steeper than I wished.


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