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Wrenna told me a couple days ago “Dad, do your realize its only 54 days till we leave!?”

Um.. really?  Crapazoka! it was MONTHS till departure just a second ago. Its been really fun gettin ready. Well.. sorta gettin ready. We have a new website gettin built. Doing a barter with an amazing guy for it. I’m creatin a couple videos for him, he’s gettin us a site we’ll be proud of. (I kinda like the placeholder site we have now, but Wren hates it and wont even send her friends to it. Brat!) 

We just entered an online competition where we hope to win a sweet little video camera, with a 15 second video.   Take a look     http://www.if.net/profile/511331

and PLEASE VOTE FOR US. we could win $10,000 !!  That would help a bunch!


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